Wearing your baby - why would you?





Pediatrician and father of eight William Sears coined the phrase babywearing after observing women in other cultures carrying their babies all day in a wrap or sling. When he asked these mothers why they carried their babies; they cited two reasons: It makes the baby happier, and it is easier for the mother. WHAT COULD  BE BETTER!


Other benefits of babywearing are:            


Carried babies cry less: Movement. being next to mothers skin and heart beat are all familiar and comforting to a baby who has had these conditions in the womb.


Carrying helps babies thrive: Sears believes carried babies thrive better because a baby who uses less energy for crying has more left over for growing.


Carrying helps babies learn: According to neurologist Richard Restak, optimal development of the cerebellum (the part of the brain that is involved in emotional behavior and that regulates muscle coordination) is stimulated by motion. Restak states that: „physical holding and carrying of the infant turns out to be the most important factor responsible fort he infant’s normal mental and social development.“


Carrying helps babies develop motor skills: Babies carried passively participate in your motion, preparing them for the next stage when they are ready to crawl.


Babywearing helps busy mothers: By carrying your baby in a baby wrap you are able to continue your daily activities with both hands free and your baby in tow! It is easy to cook, clean, shop, go walking, work, etc..... Babywearing gives you more freedom!


Here at Active Birth Taranaki  we have the perfect baby wrap for you:


 The JAM Baby Wrap!

As a busy mother of three. JAM Baby Wrap designer Anja Padrutt knows first hand the flexibility that wearing your baby can offer. She believes the security for baby and the mobility for the mother makes the JAM Baby Wrap a winning combination.

The Jam baby wraps are lovingly designed and made locally here in New Plymouth using 100% stretch cotton.




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Happy Baby wearing!