We are a group of people who know childbirth is a safe, normal and positive life event. Our aim is to share our passion, excitement and knowledge to support mums-and-dads-to-be during their journey through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Some people think “natural” childbirth, waterbirth or homebirth are for the lucky or the brave.  We believe natural childbirth is the right of every birthing woman, and every baby.  Not every woman will have an intervention-free birth every time, but most women can, most of the time, given the right preparation, attitude, support, and birthing environment.

Childbirth can, and should be, an amazing, empowering and life changing experience.  So we would like to help you experience the power of positive childbirth.

This is a very special time for you, a time for celebration, a time for reflection and a time for preparation. We encourage you to take responsibility for all you can to make things the best they can be - physically, mentally and spiritually - to bring your beautiful baby in to this world.

We hope to inspire and empower you to trust your body and celebrate a truly magical experience.

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These classes are made possible by funding from the TOI Foundation and Graphix

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